10 Speeches from TV and Movies to Inspire Your Next Presentation

While of course it’s valuable when preparing your latest presentation to look at the great speeches for inspiration, and while I certainly recommend listening to JFK and MLK and watching the best of TED to fill your brain with exciting ways to communicate your big ideas, sometimes … you just want to watch some TV. As such, I’ve dug out 10 examples of funny, exhilarating and heart-pumping speeches from movies and TV shows that you can watch as really useful homework … but still eat popcorn while you’re doing it! 


Braveheart William Wallace’s Freedom speech

Breaking Bad (TV) Mike’s Half-Measures speech

The Devil Wears Prada Miranda Priestly’s Stuff speech

Dead Poets Society John Keating’s Carpe Diem speech

Friday Night Lights (TV) Coach Taylor’s Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

It’s A Wonderful Life George Bailey addresses the Board of Bailey Building & Loan

Legally Blonde Elle Woods’ graduation speech

The Verdict Frank Galvin’s closing argument

Wall Street Gordon Gekko’s address to Teldar Paper shareholders

The West Wing (TV) Jed Bartlett’s 20 hours in America speech

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