Whether it's your first speech or your fiftieth, you can become a better speaker.

It’s a huge myth that people are “naturally gifted” at speaking and that you either have charisma or you don’t.

The truth? Charisma is nothing more than enthusiasm. 

Genuine, truthful excitement about WHAT you’re sharing is infectious.

But it can be hard to show that enthusiasm in a public setting if you feel uncomfortable.

Here’s a non-secret: performance knowledge, preparation, and practice absolutely will make your speech better (you’ll astound yourself with how much better).

Ultimately, you’ll feel so prepared and confident that you’ll actually have (gasp!) FUN performing your speech live. You may even surprise yourself and start to look forward to delighting and inspiring your audiences…


Depending on where you are in your current presentation project and skill level, and what your needs are, we’ll cover the three bases of presentation readiness and assurance:

We’ll start by opening up your creativity, confidence, and courage, including your use of your voice, physicality, the stage, and most of all – playfulness! – to charge you to work on your presentation from a base of empowering essentials.

From there, we’ll develop your speech from scratch, find the one big idea you want to share, analyze your audience, create a winning structure for your speech, shape your overall story, and build a foundation of ease and confidence in your message.

Once your speech is prepared, you’ll practice performing it, honing its delivery, and sharpening its content through systematic rehearsal and direction, giving you the robust self-belief in your presentation and the excitement to share that only comes through progressive practice.

Choose from 3 Packages

My signature process will leave you with a polished speech that’s performance-ready, delivered not only with competence but confidence and enthusiasm (aka. charisma).


A continuing relationship in which you commit to your long-term development as a speaker. We prepare one or multiple speeches while also expanding your performance capacity, creativity, and courage. All sessions are 3 hours long, and you can book up to 4 sessions per month (or one group session per month for up to 4 people).

Investment: Starts at €2000 monthly, available in 3, 6 and 12 month packages


A credits bundle that you can use whenever you need extra clarity and support preparing a speech. You can mix and match credits for use between one-on-one or group sessions. 1 credit can be used for a 3-hour one-on-one session or use 3 credits for a group session for up to 4 people. This package is designed with flexibility for organizations to only hire support when needed and to provide training both to individuals and across a team. Highly recommended for getting your team on the same page before a group presentation!

Investment: Starts at €3000 for a package of 6 credits


A group workshop to help your team expand their overall performance capacity, skill in building presentations, and delivery. I’ll workshop each stage of my signature process with your group, culminating with a final live presentation to help them apply it in real time. You can book this training as 3 half-day sessions plus a pre-presentation run or as a full 2-day workshop.

Investment: Starts at €4000 for groups of up to 4 people. Pricing for larger groups available by request.

The power of your voice goes far past public speaking.

Not only will you become a better speaker through your work with me, but you’ll experience growth in other areas, too:

Financially – attract potential clients, donors, investors, fans, and excited people who want to be part of what you’re doing

Emotionally – stop hiding your light under a bushel and feel a paradigm shift in how you see yourself as a leader, spokesperson, and changemaker

Physically – feel buzzy, confident, and exhilarated in your body, standing tall and speaking boldly!

Spiritually – stop aching to do more and start authentically sharing your soul work, realizing your full potential, and having no regrets

Before you speak, tap into your true courage, creativity and potential.

Prepare to inspire the heck out of everyone you encounter…starting with yourself.


Have something else in mind?

Let me know what you’re looking for, and I’ll create a custom package for you.