First, let's talk about you.

If you’re on this page, I know you have an inspiring story to tell, but you need some help telling it.

Forget about sweaty palms – you need a beach towel to soak up your sweat. Your voice crackles like a Sunday fry-up, and your thoughts fly off like a flock of pigeons someone’s just shooed away.

You never have any sense of how well you’ve done, and don’t feel like you nailed it even if people praise you.

The moment you start to speak, you think: Borrring! I’m boring everyone to pieces right now!

More than that, you may even question whether your story’s worth telling in the first place. Who cares? What difference will you make?

You may doubt yourself and your story, but I’m here to tell you:

Nothing makes more impact than the spoken word.

To ignore this is to ignore your greatest power, no matter what industry you’re in.

Too many keynote speeches, business presentations and new product pitches are boring, confusing and, frankly, a waste of our time, so most of us approach them with trepidation.

What most people don’t realize is: as soon as you step in front of an audience to deliver a message, it’s a performance. With the (completely learnable!) techniques of theatre professionals, your presentation can become truly engaging, vibrant, and memorable, like all the great shows you’ve been to see.

This is the big secret: great speaking has nothing to do with talent.

Shocking, right?

Great speeches come down to learnable, achievable techniques that, when practiced, turn the same piece of text that’s boring in the hands of one speaker into a dynamic, memorable moment that inspires the heck out of everyone in the room.

I’m Paul, a classically trained actor with over 15 years’ experience working on stage in the US, UK, Ireland and Europe, as well in TV, film, online, voiceover and audiobooks, alongside a range of corporate roleplay, for business, legal and medical professionals. I’ve also been a theatre producer and director for over 15 years, and have guided and delivered an array of performances, from coaching actors for monologues to producing award-winning hit festivals.

I combine this deep performance knowledge with extensive experience working in public relations in New York City, where I guided clients through public appearances at A-list galas and in the media. I also understand the business world with a medal-winning degree in law and a first in my business postgraduate diploma. I’ve honed the specificity of my speech coaching skills with in-depth study of presentation techniques from classic teachers like Dale Carnegie up to modern masters like Nancy Duarte. Over time, I’ve created my signature programs that combine these techniques with the Tools of Theatre to make their ideas accessible to any public speaker in any industry.

Now I’m excited to bring the synergistic combination of these skills to help you deliver inspiring speeches and presentations.